Safe Church

Children and youth, as Jesus has reminded us time and time again, should be included and provided for within every community of faith. We take this lesson very seriously and consider it the responsibility of the Hills Church members, employees, and adult volunteers to exercise good judgment when working with the children and youth.  Every effort will be made to ensure that a secure environment will be provided for all who participate in Church life so that they may be able to explore their relationship with God and develop their faith. 

The Safe Church Policy reflects this doctrine of faith, responsibility, and judgment as it applies to all our parishioners, both child and adult, Church employees, adult volunteers and Ministers as well as visitors in our Church.  This is a policy that translates these doctrines into functional practices to protect the people of our community as well as our physical building and grounds.

The policies and procedures that follow apply to all activities which take place within the building and property of WHCC as well as to programs and events scheduled as part of the ministry of this church which take place elsewhere. These policies and procedures apply to all members, friends, volunteers, and/or employees of this church, and are put forth for the
Hills Church to follow so as to assure appropriate care for the children and youth of the Church.

It is our mission to provide a safe and positive environment for the members of the Wellesley Hills Congregational Church. As people of faith all church members have an obligation to respect the dignity of every human being. Where the young members of our church are involved, who may be particularly vulnerable, we expect the adults of the church community to consider the health and well being of these children and youth at all times. It is with that idea that we have set forth these policies and procedures.

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Dowloadable PDF Safe Church Forms:

CORI Check

Driver Information

Incident Report

In-Town Field Trip

Keyholder Acknowledgement

Mandated Report

Medical Form

Overnight/Out-of-Town/Special Activity

Statement of Compliance

Statement of Compliance - Outside

Volunteer Disclosure