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As busy adults, we understand that being active and engaged in your faith can be fulfilling on many levels. We're excited to offer so many great programs for adults to connect not only with God, but with other like-minded members of the Hills Church through learning and goodwill. We encourage you to attend.

In addition to links to upcoming events on this site, you’ll find details on upcoming programs in the Sunday Order of Worship and in Day by Day, the church’s weekly newsletter. For planning purposes when food, printed readings, or transportation are involved, it is very helpful if you sign up by calling the church office at 781-235-4424 or email Church Administrator Cynthia Gordan at

But please! Never hesitate to come whether you have signed up or not. Our welcome is warm and genuine, and our resources have a miraculous ability to meet the needs of all who come..  

Sunday after Services
The Hills “Sundays after Services” events cover a wide range of topics. Some examples from the past two years include: a discussion of spiritual types, an exploration of the early prophets, and an introduction to the Psalms. Lasting about an hour to 90 minutes, these events occur after the Sunday worship service and are led by one of The Hills’ ministers or a lay person with expertise and interest in a topic. Pre-preparation is minimal and there’s lots of opportunity for discussion. Sundays after Services are scheduled on an ad hoc basis through the year.

Lectionary Bible Study Group
The Hills Church Lectionary Bible Study Group has been meeting every Sunday morning at 8:45 a.m. in the Church Library for over fourteen years to discuss the Scripture that will be read during that Sunday’s service and, often, the musical and sermonic themes as well. Gaining a prior familiarity with the week’s Bible passages almost always deepens the experience of the Sunday morning worship service. The group uses as its guide the lectionary three-year cycle program widely utilized in North American Protestant churches. Study materials are circulated among the group in advance, and attendees take turns leading the weekly discussion.New attendees are always welcome. Please contact John and Dwin Schuler at

Lenten Study Groups
Lenten Study Groups provide an opportunity to deeply explore an aspect of our faith during the Lenten season.  In the past year we focused on the Lord’s Prayer. This theme of prayer will likely continue for 2011. Led by members of the Board of Deacons over the four weeks of Lent, there are several time slots available to accommodate nearly everyone’s schedule. Groups are small, so there is ample opportunity to share interpretations, experiences, and insights. A study guide is provided. 

Souper Suppers
Souper Suppers provide us with a chance to come together over a simple meal of soup (hence “Souper Supper”), salad, and bread to learn and explore a topic together. Sponsored by the Adult Education Committee, these events covered a range of interests in the past year. We learned more about our mission activities in India, engaged in lively discussions with experts on the Muslim and Hindu faiths, and discussed the views of a pair of modern theologians. Generally, pre-preparationis not necessary, but at times selected readings are provided. Souper Suppers are generally held every other month on a Wednesday evening.

Science and Faith Discussion Group
Has the Big Bang pushed God out of the universe? Is cloning ethical? Are humans no more than biological machines? The Adult Ed Committee sponsored two well attended events exploring the intersection between Science and Faith. An ongoing discussion group continues to examine science and faith topics.This year, the Adult Ed Committee sponsored a “Souper Supper” in which four church members with established careers in science offered their thoughts on the contradictions and harmonies between science and faith while revealing something of their own personal faith journeys. Their remarks were collected and published in a small volume called Science and Religion: The Faith Journeys of Four Hills Church Members, which is available to view by clicking here. Consider being a part of this ongoing conversation by attending the “Science and Faith Discussion Group” events. Look for upcoming meetings.

Reading Groups
Reading Groups are ideal for those who really want to pursue a topic in depth. Led by either a member of the ministerial staff or a lay person, these groups come together to meet weekly for three or four meetings. Expect to see different people each time as the topics change! Over the past year  we have used the Reading Groups to learn about theologians who are important to our Congregational beliefs, read and share poetry, and explore fiction with a compelling moral or ethical story to tell. While scheduling is a moveable feast, sufficient notice is given so that those interested can do the pre-reading. Typically texts are available for purchase in advance from the Church Office.

Adult Church School
Beginning in Fall, 2010, the Hills Church began offering Sunday morning Adult Church School (9 a.m. in the Reception Room). Led by members of the ministerial staff, Adult Church School has a variable structure. We began with a five-week program, “Five Amazing, Mind-bending, Foundational, Essential, Christian Ideas,” transitioned to a one-week session on microfinancing in developing economies, then entered another multi-week program on Congregational history, polity, and enduring values. After a hiatus for Advent, we began again in January with a four-week program, “God of Film,” asking the questions: Can films help us deepen our understanding of God? Can we have fuller experiences of God by expanding our notions of the Divine? Can themes of Beauty, Love, Mystery, Redemption, Love, Hope, Struggle, and Story point us to something Other?

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